What is an Autoresponder

What is an Autoresponder

What is an Autoresponder ?

I have been asked many times the question of ‘what is an autoresponder ?’. This blog post and video explains exactly what autoresponder is and how you can implement one into your business. If you’d like to increase sales within your online business then watch this short video…

What is an autoresponder and what do they do?

Autoresponders are systems that send out email messages or e-newsletters automatically. They are sent to anyone who has subscribed to your mailing list. New contacts would normally subscribe to your mailing list through a landing page that you have created or via your website. I know this a piece on ‘What is an autoresponder’ but If you’d like to know more about landing pages – view this blog. Once somebody has subscribed to your list, your autoresponder will automatically send out pre-written emails at certain intervals. You can pre-set these intervals within your autoresponder system.

Here’s How it Works…

For example, you may have a pre-written sequence of 10 different emails. These will be ready to send out to anybody that subscribes to your list. You will then set these emails to be sent out to your contacts at different time frames. Starting from when your contact signed up for more information. So you may set email 1 to be sent out immediately. i.e. at the point that they enter their details and hit the sign up button. This could be a welcome email or information that you promised to send them for entering their details. You then may set your autoresponder to wait a day and send out your next pre-written email number 2, after 24hrs have passed. And then again email 3, 48hrs after that one. They may receive discount codes for some of your products. Then 3 days after that you could send them an invitation to follow you on social media – and so on. Its keeps you in constant communication with your customers or potential customers, completely hands free.

Build your list…

One of the main points of ‘What is an autoresponder’, is the number of people they allow you to communicate with. This can be hundreds, even thousands of people on a daily basis, all without lifting a finger. All you have to do is pre-write your emails or newsletters in advance, store them into your autoresponder, and allow the system to do the rest.

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What is an Autoresponder and Why are they important for any online business?

Once you start using an autoresponder, your email marketing will start and become automated. All you have to do is set things up correctly from the start. Your subscribers will then receive your key messages without you having to lift a finger. Without manually having to send hundreds of emails out every day. It will give you a lot more time to concentrate your efforts on other important aspects of your online business. Autoresponders save you time – a lot of it, and this is a massive benefit to any business.

By finding out ‘What is an autoresponder’ you can see that they save you a whole lot of time within your business. As mentioned in my video above, these follow up emails can generate a lot of income for your business. As long as you learn how to use them properly of course. I highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn more or increase online sales, to check out the Affiliate Marketing Challenge within this website. You’ll learn how to create a solid online business. The challenge teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing via easy to follow step by step video trainings. Be sure to check it out, if you haven’t already.

How do I send autoresponders?

To send out autoresponders, you need to get yourself an email marketing system. There are many to choose from.

Well-known ones include Getresponse, Icontact, Aweber, Convertkit, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi or Campaign Monitor. These are all dedicated tools for hosting mailing lists and sending autoresponders to them.

Of all the systems that I’ve personally tested I’d definitely suggest trying out Getresponse due to its great autoresponder functionality and ease of use. It arguably offers the most comprehensive range of options when it comes to sending out emails, information and newsletters. It also has the most advanced marketing automation of any of the others I’ve mentioned, so its definitely worth checking out. At the time of me writing this, they are allowing you to sign up for free and take a look round – See if this offer is still available.

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As well as explaining ‘what is an autoresponder’, I thought I’d also add a few tips for sending out autoresponder messages.

* Don’t Bombared Your Subscribers:

Never send more than one email a day and then after the first few days, start spreading them out a little further. i.e. every few days. And certainly don’t only just send out emails trying to constantly sell sell sell. People hate being constantly sold too. So offer them some value content so they look forward to your emails instead of finding them annoying.

* Be Relevant with your Content:

Only send your subscribers information that they have requested. Or information on subjects that they have shown an interest in. If your emails start to become irrelevant with information they have never requested, they will soon unsubscibe from your list.

* Use the marketing automation features:

Autoresponders have come along way and are more advanced than the basic ‘drip’ campaigns of the past. There are now a whole host of triggers that you can use. Such as opens, clicks, web page visits and purchases to create really sophisticated user journeys that maximise profit. So once you have your autoresponder, make sure you master it and see what it can do for you and your business. Use the features that are available to you to maximise your automated business potential.

* Keep in mind the data protection act:

in the new times of GDPR, it’s extremely important to stay on the right side of the data protection laws. Make sure that you always have explicit consent from every subscriber before sending out any autoresponders to them, and allow users to unsubscribe easily from your cycles if they wish to no longer be contacted by you.

I hope this has helped answer your question of ‘What is an Autoresponder ‘. As well as giving you a better understanding of how you can use one within your business to maximise your sales. Also be sure to check out the Affiliate Marketing Challenge where you’ll be able to learn exactly how to set up a solid online business. You’ll be taught how to implement your own autoresponder and other online tools via step by step training videos, to ensure your online success. Within this challenge you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about how to become successful selling other people’s products online. You’ll learn a lot more than just ‘what is an autoresponder’.

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