Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide

This Affiliate Marketing Beginners guide is just a quick overview of what affiliate marketing is all about. If it’s something that you’ve been thinking of getting involved with, you’ll be pleased to know that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Companies such as ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, PeerFly and JVZoo all make it quite easy for people to become affiliate marketing beginners.

Within affiliate marketing you have the vendors (people who produce the products/services), the customers, and then the affiliate marketers in the middle. The job of the affiliate marketer is to bring the two together. In todays online world, its true to say that anybody can jump into the world of online selling. There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing Beginners all starting out with the ambition of making a fortune selling other people products and services. However all too often they fail miserably due to lack of marketing skills and industry knowledge. Did you know that over 90% of Affiliate Marketing beginners fail online. Now when I say fail, I mean earn less than $1000 a month through their affiliate marketing efforts. Now to me, thats failing!


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Affiliate Marketing Beginners Can Make This Mistake

There are so many affiliate marketing beginners who are blindsided by the goal of that one-off single sale. They attempt to sell the product like crazy, completely missing the fact that customers don’t want to buy products! Affiliate marketing is an art form and people need to educate themselves correctly on people’s buying habits and patterns. Things can start to click into place quite nicely when people take the time to learn. This is when affiliate marketers start and realise that the fortune that they were originally looking for, can start to become a reality.

One of my top tips to affiliate marketing beginners would be to remember that customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions and results. This is where affiliate marketers need to learn the skill of how to market a product or service. It needs to be done in such a way, that customers see nothing but the result the product will give them. They won’t be able to help themselves but buy the product/service your offering.

Selling the solution or result a product can create for people is a far better marketing strategy. Just showing a picture and listing its functions and description won’t sell the product. In some cases you wouldn’t even need to show the actual product in your advertising. They will have already been pre-sold on the result or solution that a certain product/service can give them. I hope this is making sense to you.

Find The People Who Want What You Have To Sell

The next stage is for affiliate marketing beginners to learn where to find the people, who are looking for a certain solutions or result. They’ll then be able to strategically place a marketing piece in front of them, which is where things get very exciting. This is where affiliate marketing beginners get themselves into the 10% who are able to build themselves a solid online business. And not becoming one of the 90% who I mentioned earlier, who are all failing online.

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Now of course I’m not saying this is all affiliate marketing beginners need to know to become successful. There are also many other factors which need to be learnt to become a successful online marketer. Once people take the time to learn them and implement them into their marketing strategies, things become interesting. The fortune that most affiliate marketing beginners set out for from the start, can easily start to become a reality.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Struggle

I personally struggled for a number of years when I first set out as an affiliate marketer. I was no doubt like the 90% of affiliate marketing beginners who didn’t take enough time to really study. Really study the art of affiliate marketing. Things changed drastically for me and my business when, by chance, I came into contact with my current online mentor. He taught me the true art of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Through the affiliate marketing beginners training I undertook, I was able to catapult my business into the top 10 %. I can assure you, it is possible. Just as long as you master the affiliate marketing world and educate yourself with a great mentor from the start.

Feel free to take a look at the training I have undertaken and still continue to use today. It helped me create the great lifestyle I have today. You can take the Affiliate Marketing Beginners Challenge if you like, which you can find on my Trainings Page of this website.

You too could be the next success story by getting involved with the affiliate marketing beginners challenge.

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