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Here's My Story...

As I'm sure you've already guessed from being on my website,
my name is Paul Vickers. I’m an online affiliate marketer with
almost ten years experience of making money online.

Hard Work and Dedication

If you've arrived on my website because your looking to create yourself a fabulous lifestyle and income online, I'd just like to let you know something...

In order to be a successful online marketer your going to have to be ready to work hard and really dedicate yourself to your future success.

If that's you and your ready to Educate Yourself to improve not only your business skills but also your life skills, then I have all the information your going to need within my website to create that fabulous online lifestyle that you've been dreaming about. Whether it be through affiliate marketing, marketing your own products, or any online advertising, together we can make it a reality for you -
as long as you are 100% 'teachable!``

Now I’m not shy in letting you know that it took me a fair few years to get to this point in my life and I feel very blessed to finally know exactly what it takes and what is needed to become a successful online marketer within any business/product you may wish to market online.

This is why I now train and educate other entrepreneurs who wish to do the same.

I'm giving everyone who visits my website the opportunity to skip the years of struggle and failure that I endured during the start of my online marketing career. All the mistakes I made and the mistakes that millions of other marketers make daily online can be wiped out for you. You just need to be willing to learn, listen and follow what I have to show you within this website.

I could of course show you pictures of Yachts, Lamburghinis and Huge Mansions and tell you that I have a great system that if you plug into for a few hundred of your hard earned cash, you can sit back and become rich within the next few weeks!...

However that would just make me the same as the other 90% of bull already out there on the internet, offering false promises so people part with their money and get nothing but rubbish in return.

Three months down the line you’ll be broke and getting no sales online. Then no doubt you'd get back on the endless cycle of paying for the next best offer, system or internet marketing piece. Most of which are outdated and no longer work online! This may have already been happening to you, but I can assure you, all that can stop right here.

If the above does sound familiar then don't worry, you are not alone! That was exactly what I went through when I first started out online. At the age of 25 I was running by own Bar and Restaurant seven days a week, working very long hours and living above the premises. I suppose I was like most people, slaving away for just a regular wage each week, which I knew would never get me the good life that I was dreaming about. At the age of thirty I decided I needed to make a change in my life if I was to ever live the life I wanted. I spent thousands on courses, programmes and online money making schemes which all amounted to nothing! They just left me feeling deflated, depressed and very skint! I almost gave up on my dream of having my own successful online business that would allow me to work where and whenever I wanted.


Thank goodness I didn't, thanks to the training that I share with you within this website, I'm here today living the life that I always wanted and knew was out there. Not only that but I have the privileged opportunity to be able to show others the real way forward online too. The lifestyle you've been dreaming about IS possible as long as you Do The Right Things and in the Right Order

Everything I share with you within my website is everything I have used and followed to create my online success as an affiliate marketer. Feel free to have a look around my website pages and blog to see exactly what training I have undertaken and still use today to create the amazing lifestyle I now have.

Also feel free to message me via the form in the 'Contact' section above if you'd like to connect or ask me any question 😉

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